Jiří Šimek

Is a theatre artist.

He makes devised pieces and is the co-founder of Ufftenživot. He studied in Petra Tejnorová’s acting studio at the Department of Alternative and Puppet Theatre at DAMU in Prague. He appears as a guest actor/performer in independent theatre projects, mostly in Prague. He stars in films and television. Since 2015, he has also made a wide spectrum of videos for the web and social media of Prague’s Studio ALTA. He makes trailers for Ufftenživot performances and has created video projections for several other productions. In his own work, he is concerned with the confluence of physical theatre, dance, improvisation, slam poetry, and new media, always bound by the theme of the project.

With Ufftenživot

Neboj_aneb show tanečníka Jiříka

Words of Apology (2019)


Loneliness & stuff