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Sára Arnstein

Is a theatre artist.

She was born and lives in Prague. She studied at a bilingual Czech-Italian high school and the Philosophy Faculty of Charles University, where she gained a bachelor’s degree in Italian literature. She practiced karate for twelve years. She did not dare apply to study illustration, which was what she wanted to do, so she went to study acting at DAMU. She still enjoys it to this day. Among her greatest interests is devised theatre making, i.e. searching for topics, researching, finding the form and manner of the production, looking for movement material through improvisation, and writing original texts.

You can see her in Studio Hrdinů in Zápisky Malta Lauridse Brigga (The Notebooks of Malte Laurids Brigge, dir. Adam Svozil, Kristýna Kosová) or Pár vzkazů Veškerenstvu (Some Messages to the Universe, dir. Jan Horák, Michal Pěchouček), in the dance piece Korekce (dir. Jiří Havelka), in immersive projects by the Pomezí group – Pomezí and Dům v Jabloních –, in the museum production Prosíme, nesahat! (Please Do Not Touch!, Památník Palackého a Riegra), or in an autobiographical puppet show about grandparents: Přijdu včera (I’ll Come Yesterday, Centre for Experimental Theatre, Brno).

She has appeared in films and series such as Anthropoid (Sean Ellis); Underworld V (Anna Foerster); Já, Mattoni (Marek Najbrt); Odplata (Esther Gronenborn); Dukla 61 (David Ondříček); Milada (David Mrnka); Specialisté (Lukáš Hanulák).

She is currently working on her first illustrated book, titled Edža/můj vnitřní svět románového hrdiny/můj vnitřní román v hrdinském světě (Edja/my inner world of the novel hero/my inner hero in a novel world).

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