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Wonderland is a project based on combination of physical theatre, dance and spoken word. The core of the project is a relationship with “phone” as a device, and instrument of distraction. In the beginning of whole process there was kind of personal disappointment about the relationship with technologies, social media and other information canals, that keep us connected and disconnected at the same time. 

The project is looking at human as somebody that is transformed, changed, influenced and unable to go back to the analogue just like this. This technological murmuration is deeply written in our guts. So we as an artistic group take a look from a perspective of a human that is influenced, changed, evoluted by this and go really through this perspective, literally. We are interested by this specific moment, in which our mind wants something, needs something, need some feed. This is the starting point for the physical and verbal material of a solo called Wonderland, as a metaphore of Alice in Wonderland, being caught in a surreal and bizarre world, as internet can be. All this is a trip, a searching for surprise, coincidence, lightness, depth, and a a common experience that leads to a present moments and inner focus at the end.

Our inspiration sources are books speaking about human in the influence of modern technologies, and especially internet as: “Tyranny of the Moment”, written by a norwegian anthropologist and writer Thomas Hylland Eriksen, and “The Shallows: What the Internet Is Doing to Our Brains”, by Nicholas Carr, or The art of noticing from Rob Walker.

Concept, performs: Sára Arnstein

dramaturgy: Lucia Kašiarová

scénography: Eszter Koncz

lightdesign: Matouš Ondra

Production and PR: Ufftenživot, Tereza Tomášová a Karolína Pepelanov

Coproduction: Ufftenživot, Studio ALTA, Centrum nezávislej kultúry Záhrada – Banská Bystrica. Project is developped thanks to support of Ministery of culture of Czech Republic and Municipality of Prague. Project was supported by Center of choreographical developpement SE.S.TA and residence in Komařice.

Video from latest work in progress in ALTA 25.10. 2023:–dA7PC2k